Girl puzzle Girl puzzle
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Anime puzzle Anime puzzle
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Addiction Puzzle Addiction Puzzle
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Paradise Island Paradise Island
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Among its thousands of features, macros are power-user tools that could benefit a lot of people. You hit Record Macro, you do something — a search and replace, let’s say — and then you can play back that macro later. Actually, search and replace is a bad example — Microsoft Word cannot, in fact, record and play back a search/replace. more...

Google Earth’s new update will take you anywhere in the world more...

Have you ever wanted to build your own retro gaming device from scratch? more...

The company unveiled their flying car in 2014 but it was not commercially available. Now it’s ready and being presented at the Top Marques car show in Monaco. The vehicle is fully functional as both a car and an aircraft, and its hybrid engine makes it environmentally friendly. more...

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