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Yume miru (150mb)
Administrator :: Attention! Summary size of this game - 150Mbytes! For play need ONLY fast inet(T1,adsl) connection!
gevatter :: need help on day two. when he was cum, the top menue open. what to do?
help.. :: errhmm is it just me, or does the game crash at the 3rd day? no really, the game goes on, but it crashes at the 3rd day.. need help here -_- . the flash stops when it’s starts getting exciting..
WindChaser :: can’t do a damn thing with other then erase her swimsuit
HelpME :: Why does this game stop at 3rd day. Please fix. Thanx.
sex_devil :: u all so pathetic!! I have finished the game!! LOL!!
Soul :: Yo sex_devil. Why not be helpful and explain what the deal is with day three. I just don’t get it. Everything I do seems to wake her up. What am I doing wrong?
help2 :: errhmm is it just me, or does the game crash at the 3rd day? no really, the game goes on, but it crashes at the 3rd day.. need help here -_- . the flash stops when it’s starts getting exciting..
fu :: ok to all u dickheads outthere tell us how to do (3 day)
fu :: 3 day make her wet then pull open her pants all the way
help.. :: ok cool I’ve reached the part where you can fuck with her on the 3rd day, been there done that, but then no 4th day comes.. when I cum on her on the 3rd, while moving to the next scene the game just crashes, meaning, the screen just goes black.Hey devil if you did pass the game tell us how..
heelpp :: aahh.. wtf? I can’t play the 4th day .. need help please! anyone!
fu :: go to the menu at the top and click next say so if this has hlep u ur i will stop
Helper :: Its really just a matter of how big the files is.. when it crashes you might have to wait upto 15 min for the next part to load.. at 150mb this could take awhile.. if thir was a download of this and not a stream it wouldent crash at all
Revelation :: Fully download the game or your just wasting your time.
heelpp :: None of those suggestions worked.. I even tried to download the full game.. but it doesn’t work.. this is rubbish.. sex_devil said that finished the game and yet doesn’t tell us what to do ..
Administrator :: Try download ZIP from here! (connection may be slow)
bee :: Ok I have completed the game. For what I gather the problem may be connection speed based. It’s a good game. There are also apparently some secrets to this game. I checked the play data and it says Iam at 72% completion. meh.. Still a good game.
BEn :: Thanx to you great administrator to give us a good link
cool! :: alright admin! Thanks a million for that link, I’ve downloaded the game and got to the 4th day at last! Nice game btw!! If you could get more of these Interactive Story Games that’d be swell =)
Helper :: Also just wondering.. why is it that when someone posts something it dosent seem to show up till a few other posts are added..mabey add a scroll bar to the comment section?
Helper :: To get thru day 3 you need to download the full game othewise it will most likely freeze.. so far in the game ive gotten up to 90% .. anyone get up to 100%? and please give a walk thru.. none of this.. i made it to a 100% without proof :P
oh man :: i cant even start the game! all it shows is a pic of a girl in a swimsuit, a button that says quit that doesnt do anything, another button with an arrow that also does nothing, and a link that leads to the site.. can anybody help?
kas :: 1st you need a dsl or faster connection, if the game freeze’s click the menu and save, then just reload that day.
Mars :: I heard there is a complement version, would that be great to try it out too
helpplz :: I downloaded but I still can’t get through day 3, how do I get her wet without waking up??
lovethemgirls :: I have gotten to the fourth level but I have no idea what to do next.the suggestions helped alot
Erm. :: I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but there are times when the game seems to hit a wall.Like the screen goes black, and that’s it, I can still access and use the menu but the game doesn’t progress..Is it something I’m doing or is it just the game loading?
bee :: 96% complete. This game is very good! Please get the full version of this game at any cost! :) There’s alot more you can with her in the full version from what I have seen.
W00t :: Yah, download it, waiting for it to load up via the "Start Game" takes forever.BTW anyone have a walkthrough for this short version?
need to know :: does anyone have the name of the game or is it relly Yume miru ?
It’s me :: The really name of the Game is Hizashi no Naka no Riaru. Meaning something like "An afternoon Rest".
ambios1 :: I am unable to play this game. When I click on the link to start the game, it does load. Musoft appears on the screen, then it breaks away, and I get a screen with a guy holding up his hand, with the words "Redirecting To Game". Then it breaks away again and all I get is a 3/4 screen with the names of some of the games on it, that does not allow me to navigate horizontally or vertically. I also have the same problem with Hizashi no Naka no Riaru. However, I am able to play the other games with no trouble whatsoever.
Masher :: ok so i got her panties off in day 3 and i've been touching her forever and nothing happens, what should i do?
dantun :: hi admin, i cant play the game, where i can download it . it stuck somewhere in the living room

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