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B.C. Fight Girl puzzle CurveBall Kill Bill Alien hominid Croench
Street Fighter Classic
WTF :: WTF man, that game sucks. Sagat has a massive advantage over you. He can hit you when ur in the air and u cant, his uppercuts do more damage. Fuck that game is too hard Fix it up. Coz at the moment its bullshit
DooFaceB :: don’t hate, the game is easy to beat. just figure out when he can’t damage you
no1 :: is it just me or the server is slow as hell today igot dsl connection and its almost slower than 56k modem!(only hapens here)
Jake :: This is a cool game!Screw more Characters!This is easy,even though nearly everyone is being a pussy and whining!
if u didn’t beat sagat u :: i know sagat’s weaknessin his uppercuts
sagat is a faggot :: when sagat is about to land from his uppercut use the air spinnig kick when he’s close to the ground, that way he won’t be able to defend himself
Dartiega :: nice little game,pitty you couldnt use the senpakaku attack
this game sucks :: the spu has utter domance over the player, stronger attacks~and can do contunious combo’s as the player cannot
Jake :: w00t,I beat it!To use Hurricane Kick press Z+x or X+C,Sagat got owned!!
Ryo :: fuck this game is cool and it rocks when sarge uper cuts kick him and he can desfend him self or do z+x kick and own his ass
DFDF :: gffdgfdgfdgfhggfhsgfhgfshsrhsrghsrhsrhrhhrhgfhlhmlgnweogjougnapoghaigni;agbniafgbawfifbwifbwfbawohfbawoifbifbAOIFBRfbawroufbwoufbofyervoufiBFOIAWBFOIUWBFUOEWBFYEHDDKJKKJK

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