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MK vs Street Fighter
blonde and brunnettes r fit :: i thought it was a game but its a video and cool video
MK rules :: it sucked ass MK is far better than street fighter
Cdun :: WOW that was to see more like that!! Mad props..
angel :: 0_0 OMG!! the guy who made this is a true figher lover
SLASH :: oh cmon ! raiden should’ve kicked ken’s ass to hell for cryin outloud! but its a good flash nontheless
zanbatos :: I give perfect score on this .. It contains jokes, romantic scene, and sadist scene
manzoor :: game but its a video and cool video ootgame :: ootgame
kristian_lalas :: Awesome!! i really like battle scene. sounds rocks!!
ayaka :: i didnt see anything -.- fuckin game its suxx !! o.o
Rezzonico :: anyone know what the soundtrack is?It’r ring me a bell,but i cannot remember..
kmwilk :: if fucking anything scorpion should of been the one that became leader and killed everyone along with ken =D mortal kombat will always be better in my book. But maybe he should make a dead or alive vs soul caliber
sf rules :: i say street fighter would win because the action is much faster than in mortal kombat
masta fighta :: every who does"t like it is a mother fucker
Jamescalla :: fukin damn good fight! need many more! SF should always win tho! MK is crap
?? :: the idea of MK vs SF for ever andthe storylineare very good, the area is from the game MK cuz u can see it’s symbol in the middle of the arena, the matrix slow down and ducks were w a good idea, the music can’t be from tekke n5 cuz it wasn’t released before this thing, and too bad u can’t actually play as ken and try to beat raiden
Anything goes :: Mortal Kombat sucks balls, street fighter all the way bitches

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