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Anything you want... for a price. The Trainer will shape any woman into the culmination of your most erotic fantasies. Watch the parade of beautiful females that come to him to be transformed into the ultimate object of desire. Naughty, nice, playful, or passionate, each one is eager to please, and hand-tailored to fit your needs!...
Tsutomu's parents used to run a flower shop. But they passed away several years ago, and he lives with his older brother and his wife, Mai, since then. Mai runs the flower shop now, and he is forced to help her. There is also another beautiful woman who works at the shop. She is Kozue, who works at the shop as a part-timer, will she notice Mai and Tsutomu's relationship ?
Kankin sex game


Kankin sex game Kankin sex game
No spyware flash game
nathen perkins :: u people should make these type of games for all systems so everyone can have fun with them.
whatever :: 1 alters her clothing, zxcv do their thing, but nothing else does. Other than spanking her and getting her to go up and down on your penis after you spread her cheeks, anything else to do?
=^_^= :: Great game, we need more of these ;) - More options though.
someone :: if you press H itl make you come next time it starts =P
lost024 :: if u press the a some writing appers and if upress b it changes teh backround
. :: if you keep zooming out, the picture is flipped upside-down. not that this really does anything but eh
uknown :: go to this site for more stuff like this: http:⁄⁄⁄~moemoe⁄
Chaos :: Uhm, yeah, look on the gallery section, and click one of the choices to the left.
jimmy ridle :: click clik your pubes to slip ur dick under her and rub her up and down it, low on rer crack for anal, mid way to lift her up and lower her down on to your cock
Prinny :: You can do a lot with her, just keep trying. Oh, and I’m a girl I love hentai games.
wootydo :: i’m also a girl who really love hentai games ;)
death2k6 :: hey prinny ,wootydo if u 2 need a game 2 get off , how about u 2 ladies let me get u hot , with my 12 inch dick
Hmph :: Anyone who has that long of member must have insecurity problems or else they wouldn’t have spent so much money.
GO TO THE WEBSITE :: The website is fucking awesome! Just right click during the game, press play and you will get a link to the website.
the one they call "INSANE :: WTF whats with all of you perverts out there
slaya :: ..why play games when you can get out of the house and fuck some chick
Little Helper :: Noone mentioned it so here are some tips: 1. If you press shift + left mouseclick on her eyes you can give her a blindfold.2. Press shift + left mouseclick on her hair to cum on it. (You can do it up to 3 times!)3. Press one to pull her shirt up or to make her nude. ; )
j1023748 :: why isn't this game working ? its just blank screen
cummydummy666 :: Prinny:ur awesome

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By Sophie Knight and Reiji Murai TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese chipmaker Renesas Electronics may cut more jobs as it finishes a massive restructuring that is focusing its business on the automotive and industrial sectors and has pulled it back into the black after years of losses. Remaining steps will focus on selling factories and exiting businesses announced in a 2012 restructuring framework, updated a year ago, with about 40 percent of the plan still to be implemented, Renesas Chairman and CEO Hisao Sakuta told a media round table on Tuesday. "If there's a mismatch between what the company is trying to do and what an individual wants to do, people will probably be quitting." Renesas, hit hard when a March 2011 earthquake shut a key chip plant for months and sent customers looking for other suppliers, has already cut more than 10,000 jobs and racked up 350 billion yen ($3.3 billion) in cumulative net losses over the last four financial years. Last week, Renesas unveiled a chip using new technologies that it aims to eventually apply to autonomous driving, which merges together feeds from cameras fitted to the car to create a 3D image and can detect pedestrians within several meters of a vehicle. more...

By Foo Yun Chee BRUSSELS (Reuters) - EU antitrust regulators are asking Facebook's rivals and telecoms operators whether the world No. 1 online social network's proposed $19 billion bid for mobile messaging startup WhatsApp will lead to price hikes and curb innovation. The move came after Facebook sought EU approval for the deal, the largest in its 10-year history, which will give it a strong foothold in the fast-growing mobile messaging market and pit it against telecoms companies. The European Commission said on Monday it will decide by Oct. 3 whether to clear the deal unconditionally, demand concessions or extend the preliminary review into a wider probe. In a questionnaire sent to third parties and seen by Reuters, the EU regulator asked if the deal would have a negative, neutral or positive impact on users and customers in mobile messaging and social networks. more...

A Chinese anti-trust regulator said on Monday it has given Microsoft Corp 20 days to reply to queries on the compatibility of its Windows operating system and Office software suite amid a probe into the world's largest software company. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) questioned Microsoft Vice President David Chen and gave the company a deadline to make an explanation, the agency said in a short statement on its website. Microsoft is one of at least 30 foreign companies that have come under scrutiny by China's anti-monopoly regulators as the government seeks to enforce its six-year old antitrust law. According to a state media report on Monday, Microsoft's use of verification codes also spurred complaints from Chinese companies. more...

(Reuters) - Apple Inc plans to enable its next iPhone to become a mobile wallet by allowing owners to securely make mobile payments in a store with the touch of a finger, Bloomberg said on Sunday, citing a person familiar with the situation. The agreement includes participation by Visa Inc., MasterCard Inc and American Express Co and will be announced Sept. 9 along with unveiling of the next iPhone, according to the source, who Bloomberg said asked not to be identified because the talks are private. more...

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