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Naval gun The fresh prince vs KKK Snowbord Tracking Alcohol and ammo Animal Mixing Nanaka crash
Japan Escape Room
Instruction by danmiru :: Simple enough - you start game in complete darkness. Just walk around ’till you find any light. And then the puzzle begins..
Sting :: you nead the card,lifted print of the hand and he code,the light is a grean button in the dark
Acer :: good game, should make more, not that hard to work out if you check around
Stray Rocket :: This really was simple, it took about 4 minutes to figure out and complete. If you really want me to post the solution just ask and I will.
Punisher :: I need some help in "swans room" i dunno how to stop the bomb
silent bob :: I beat it u need to get a id card a code(35651877) and a hand print the card is on the floor in that room u use the flashlight in . use the ladder to get up to the vent open it and the parrot flyes out the parrot has a key on his leg open the draw and get silicon b mix a and b in the cub in the other room pour it on the hand in the rock and pick up the molded print use these three things to op-en

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