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Seventy years ago, several mysterious murders occurred in Tokyo, Japan. Young, beautiful women were found dead, their bodies dried up like ancient mummies. Now young women are dying the same way and Miho, a 19 year-old college student, discovers that a weird stranger is stalking her...
Good animation quality and very varied Sex scenes make this Hentai Movie top notch.
Hentai girl


Hentai girl Hentai girl
No spyware flash game
newguy :: keep clicking her breasts until she levels up enought to get some toys
Tentacle Monster :: How come it ends just as I the dildo each time?
Sterry :: yes when i use the dildo it ends are there more toys there and how do i get them?
Evil Star :: It’s an OK game, but it DOES have a couple of flaws.
__CJ__ :: Holy shit, that long ass pole fits in her pussy, god damn. This game is kinda hard to understand, stupid jap’s need to make an english version!! Lmao.
Maria :: Japs do make great games just needs to be english.. trans option..
Digger :: hold on tab, then a yellow square will appear, press tab again, and the yellow square will appear around her boobs.when its on her boobs old tap and hold enter
HaloFighter92 :: Wow, if you go far enough she strips, and gets a cane that you can use on her, really erotic.
pimp man :: wow i luv it i have to go and fuck my mom and my dad now
easter egg :: heres an easter egg for you if you click the pink haired girl on the main menu loads of times rly quickly her clothes come off ^_^
Noone :: I figured out how you can get her naked faster. Click her breasts til they both level up, then click her shirt 5 times. When shes naked, Click her pussy and you’ll get the pole.
Ken :: Nice game..Really always hated the Japs Censors..Makes it less fun to play
Kuso :: Eh, why game end then i get dildo? Ist my bad? Maybe game bug [demo?] Please, help.

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