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Girl puzzle Axe Effect Havin a ball (5) Xia Fighter Kill Bill Microlife
Heart breaker
shawn :: the way you pass level 5 is to put the glasses on yourself
Laura’s response :: you put on the pink glasses, then u should get to bed and then u smoke the cig i think and then u beat the game
radical dude :: wt the fuk is this bullshit man this is the gayest game ever tell me please how this site is still running
Shadow Luga :: In Level 2 you have to pickup the Gutar Pic. Cuz In level 4 the Gay Dude is a Huge AC DC fan. Give the gay niger the gutar pic and go and fuck the sheep.
123456 :: its easy u dont have 2 say bad words 1st is 2 give a girl a flower
shanice :: fuck this gotdan gae this gae can kiss my big black round ass!
Lithuania_X :: Yeah. average game. Per 10 minutes i finish all’s wery easy :)
Lithuania_X :: Yeah, awerage game. I finish it per 10 minutes. Need help? I can help :)
fayo123 :: wen ever i try play the games they dont load do u kno y

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