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Girl puzzle
me :: you guys need to learn how to spell. (nicked) its naked
jaerh .. :: this game is a freaking pice of shit, !! NEED NUDE !! ;)
Jennifer :: Tror du jeq R lesbisk?! That’s the most uqly thinq I’ve ever seen in my fuckin’ life!!
Raven :: Well as far as I can tell, everyone on here is an idiot. Just cause the puzzle isn’t porn doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. I like this it’s been very well made and doesn’t give you a headache while trying to put it together.
Juller :: Well im sorry.. I dont like puzzels.. AND I DONT LIKE THIS GAME VERY MYCH!!
Aeris Slayer :: Raven is right you dicks! I actually liked this game, yes the girl wasn’t well drawn, but I like jigsaw puzzles, so :P plus it gives a 25 single year old man summat to do..Hey RAVEN?! Are you a chick?
Arcanis :: the game isn’t that bad, its not an adult game, so there should be no reason for people to berate each other, but I guess thats life
codster :: if that girl was alive or the guy that made it i would kill them both
fahd :: you guys need to learn how to spell. (nicked) its naked
HentaiFreak007 :: dude that fuckin game was more boring then watching 2 flys fuck
Silver :: This puzzle( it's in puzzle, not adult) is to easy. there is stupid outlines. I played without misplacing one piece.

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