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imafreakinidot :: matt sux and the world should end when mutant ninja turtle have sex
Noimafreakinidotubastard :: No Chris (imafreakinidot) sux and the wold should end when when he has sex (wich will be never)
Noimafreakinidotubastard :: and yes spam does rule (u bastard)
Noimafreakinidotubastard :: Chris your gay man (u bastard mother **)
Unqustionable Watcher :: The beginning is very good I thought he did very good except at the end where he was off by a few seconds. Also what is the song called?
EPOGEN :: Everytime the fatkid puts his arms down the camera tremors due to how FAT he is :D
Alez :: hi all if you want to translate in english the lyrics..just tell me
woot :: i got mp3 of that song..only problem withh all of em is its a man singing some woman sings some other parts to..
this is not the newest flash :: dude, this is called Numa Numa Dance it was posted at 12⁄06⁄2004 at New Ground, 2004! you guys are 2 years late congrats.
Wiler :: this isnt "fatkid" its a kid named Gary and like (this is not the newest flash) was aired on called numa numa.. heh this guy even did this dance on live T.V.

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