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Street Fighter Classic Axe Effect Tiki party Drakojan skies 3 Double wives Moonhuhn
Diva mizuki dual
wtf :: what the fuck is wrong with you? seriously, chill out. this was sweet. disproportianate boobs. like Planets. I bet they have there own gravitational pull. probably why so many people have sex with them
wee willy winkle :: damn these people lost half of their bodily fluids man thats not good..
I Love Pie :: I would fuck that horny bitch ’till her legs fall off.
spaded walrus :: good animation, but the ginormous breasts ruined the mood. Needs sound, badly.Also, this isn’t a game.

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Within the next decade, the smartphone in your pocket will take a back seat to the augmented-reality or virtual-reality glasses on your face. After VR, Zuckerberg predicts, the next frontier will be high-tech telepathy. VR and augmented reality (AR) are really just getting off the ground now, with Facebook-owned Oculus VR scheduled to debut its Oculus Rift headset in 2016. more...


LOS ANGELES (AP) — To us, fireworks are the sparkling embodiment of July Fourth. But to dogs, they truly are bombs bursting in air. more...

The hydrogen-powered Toyota Mirai, which goes on sale in the US later this year, will go an estimated 312 miles on a tank according to official figures released by the company this week. As Toyota notes, that's further than any zero-emission vehicle on the market — including the Tesla Model S — but that's counterbalanced by the inconvenient scarcity of hydrogen refill stations. Toyota also announced that the Mirai will achieve an EPA combined 67 MPGe. more...

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