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Jerry :: This games sucks i dont want no beta game if i wanted to play a peice of shit game like this ill play with my ass.
Anony-mouse :: Very nice, I quite like it (although there’s alot that could still be done). can’t wait for the master copy :)
matt best-uk :: its a good game, cash is hard 2 get, but i suppose it is the ’beta’ version’
Patrick THE ONE :: THE game is fun really fun but i wish there were more guns, bots, and levels
Virulence :: Great game, I beat all of the levels, but I really want a full version. It would be great :)
wtf :: there has got to be some way to manually control the robots, the AI is horrendous
Jeff :: Not that good. The last level is frustrating to no end as there doesn’t seem to be any way to beat it other than trying again and again and again and being very lucky. Have all 3 bots outfitted with the best nailgun, DD-400mk, and still got my ass kicked.

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