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Adrenalin challenge
Ross :: on the last level, lean really far forward then your back wheel will hit the thing hangin down and you’ll even takes some practice.
cheat master :: i know a cheat you cannot die the cheat code is i feel like shit then go to options and make your skin as a zombie
fuk urself :: lol tell me da cheet wen ur on da lvl were everything is grey and u start of goin down a hill then if u keep goin u will die coz the thing that hangs down is too far down
Me :: You cocks the cheat to unlock everything, every level, every skin, every bike you type in on the cheat code screen, 18endkkfj3h69ffjdl78
bigbben :: this game is alrite but it kinda repeats itself oh and i want sex and lots of it but i only accept from females
danhouse :: type I FEEL LIKE SHIT in the cheats and press enter 4 zombie skin
danhouse :: go 2 to make the cheats work
doddodd :: cheats are: GIVE ME A PONY,for the knight bike, I AM SHINY, for the knight skin, BANANA LOVE, for crazy monkey skin, I NEED SOME RUM, for pirate skin,RESURRECTED, for the zombie motorcross,and KAIZOKU, for the pirate skin.
James :: you all need to get lives and stop playing computer games.. i have, now look where i am

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